Jiu Jitsu From A Parents Perspective.

Jiu Jitsu From A Parents Perspective.

Before jujitsu, our son, tried many different sports, but did not want to stick with most of them; baseball was too slow moving, he was a head shorter than most of the kids in basketball, and he was too tiny for football.  His father and I insisted that he be involved in something that kept him active.  Due to his smaller size, we were also concerned about bullying and wanted to enroll him in something that would help him learn self-defense, in case that ever became an issue, which fortunately, it has not.  

After looking into our options, we decided to try jujitsu, which my husband had heard great things about.  Our son has been with Still Waters for almost two years now and he loves it.  Not only has he learned self-defense, he has gained confidence and upper body strength, and earned stripes and belts in the process.  Our son loves going to jiu jitsu competitions, loves his classes, coaches and teammates.  

He has also made a wonderful set of new friends.  The kids in his class work hard for Coach Alex and Coach Sienna, cheer each other on, help and support each other, all while having a great time.  Still Waters is a great place for anyone looking to involve their children in a positive and rewarding program where they can still have fun and be kids.


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